AGEM – Compliance

AGEM is a consulting company in the field of Compliance and in the analysis of Asset Management. It offers its services both to financial intermediaries and private individuals, Swiss or foreign, in the financial sector, Economic Crime Course at ISFB, professional Coaching.

…. special attention for a tailor-made work.

Compliance Advisory

AGEM offers its services in analyzing and proposing solutions to the application of procedures against money laundering and terrorist financing in accordance with the regulations in force and the recommendations of FINMA,LEFin & LSFin. Compliance Outsourcing Proposals. Expert in “Money-Transfer Companies”, Banks, Third-Party Managers.

Choice ot the appropriate degree of implementation of MIFID II ans LSFin. Client classificaiton, Opting-in / Opting-out, evalutation of adequacy and appropriateness, evaluation according to the type of service rendered, implemantation of controls, decisions and strategic options relevant for private, professional and institutional clients, development of the adequacy questionnaire in accordance with MIFID II and LSFin, good practices and marketing, information to customers, relsationship between external manager and custodian bank(s), application of the obligation to provide information, management of advertising and financial analysis, information on costs and expenses, remuneration of third parties, finance and research costs, transparency and diligence in matters of client orders, ogligation to document and accountability, product information sheets.

Asset Management Advisory & Financial Investigation Guidance

AGEM also offers its services related to Asset Management; Risk Management. Verification of the regularity of the management of client assets according to the instructions given to the managers. Control of investments, discretionary management mandate, with performance calculation and benchmark comparison, from global management to different investment products. Expertises. Investigating in financial criminal cases. Asset tracing; research, documentations, constitutions and preparation of files for a confrontation with the authorities, (Prosecution Sevices).